These old people really are revolting

THE Community Lounge in the Steere Street Retirement Village, where each resident has their own unit or villa, is the setting for the next play at the Bridgetown Theatre.

The residents have a wide diversification of interests which makes them pull in so many different directions, from the gently lost and vacant, to the obnoxious retired used car salesman.

But then, when they find the local council has taken away their rates discount there is merry hell to pay.

Civil and not so civil disobedience is the order of the day as the oldies begin to work together and plot to teach the local council a lesson it will never forget.

Will they hold the shire clerk to ransom?

Will they blow up the council chamber?

Or will they commit hara-kari on the corner of Steere Street as the protest gets stronger and blood pressures get higher?

The attitude of a young cadet TV reporter compounds the troubles at the village, as she looks for the big story which will get her a cameraman of her own to boss around but will her manner and attitude push the oldies into a situation which will benefit her, or cause her own dramatic down fall?

This adult comedy shows a group of seniors in the raw, as they fight to make themselves heard by their local council and anyone else who might listen.

The Old People are Revolting is written by Australasian author Devon Williamson and directed by Peter Francis and Margie Korver.

Patrons are warned that there are adult themes and some coarse language in the play.

Evening performances are on August 9, 10, 16 and 17 starting at 7.30 pm

Matinees will be on August 11 and 18 starting at 2pm.

Doors open half an hour before the performance, a complimentary sherry with cheese and biscuits will be served in the foyer before the play begins.

Tickets are available from the Bridgetown Visitor's Centre, 9761 1740, or online at

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