Blackwood clinic passes final hurdle

IT is all systems go at the Blackwood River Clinic.

On May 13 the Health Department of Western Australia completed an approval to occupy inspection, issuing the clinic with a license to treat 30 patients.

Blackwood River Clinic provides treatment for depression, anxiety and trauma by qualified mental health professionals under the supervision of a qualified psychiatrist.

It adopts a holistic approach through diet, exercise and mindfulness in conjunction with best-practice therapy models.

The clinic, on February 7, was declared the first Australian hospital to meet the National Health Safety and Quality Service Standards.

The two inspections required the clinic to meet the highest of standards including governance, buildings, clinical treatment, infection control, food handling, fire prevention and emergency and evacuation procedures.

Priority employment was given to local businesses and individuals throughout the development.

Project and facility manager Wally Moroz thanked local businesses.

"Blackwood River Clinic wishes to acknowledge the outstanding skills displayed by these professionals and thanks them sincerely for their commitment, perseverance and loyalty. The consultants who provided the credentialing praised the attention to detail and the obvious pride taken in a job well done," Dr Moroz said.

In June 2010 the 34-hectare property was rezoned to special use by the then minister for planning John Day, with support from the Shire of Nannup.

The first of these special uses was the development of hospital Blackwood River Clinic, a unique fully accredited and licensed private day clinic nestled in the serene rural setting of the Blackwood River Valley and only 12 kilometres from Nannup.

Consultant psychiatrist and clinical director Stephen Proud said: "Our vision is that Blackwood River Clinic will generate a world-wide interest in the healing and recovery process and will recognise Nannup as a place of rest, of serenity and peace and that other allied industries will mushroom around us providing economic, spiritual and physical benefits for all," board of directors chairwoman Rose Moroz said.

"Blackwood River Clinic gratefully acknowledges the unwavering support of the Nannup community during this momentous and complex process.

"May the whole community continue to grow and mature so that all residents develop an approach to mental health that is free from fear, prejudice and stigma."