Photographer spots "UFO"

Unidentified: Robert Meldrum’s photo of an unexplained, rocket-like object.
Unidentified: Robert Meldrum’s photo of an unexplained, rocket-like object.

A BRIDGETOWN resident photographed what he described as a UFO in Bridgetown's sky recently, proving the Blackwood once again to be a UFO hotspot.

Robert Meldrum, 77, lives on one of the highest vantages of Bridgetown, near the well-known Bridgetown Lookout.

Mr Meldrum is an avid photographer who on the afternoon of Sunday, April 22, was shooting photographs of cloud formations from his front verandah.

"It was about 5pm on the Sunday and light and dark were in play," Mr Meldrum said.

"I was trying to photograph a rainbow after having been intrigued by the cloud formations.

"I didn't see the UFO while I was on the verandah, however later when looking at the photos I noticed something in the top right hand corner of one of the photos and then did a close-up.

"It looked rocket-like, however it was not a plane, not any design I've seen, it was nothing that made sense, so it qualifies for an unidentified flying object, a UFO," he said.

"I was chasing rainbows and instead I found a UFO."

Mr Meldrum worked in mineral exploration and as a seasoned fly-in fly-out worker he has had "many peculiar geophysical experiences of the unexplained".

"After a life of flying all over the north there have been many things seen high in the atmosphere that we can't explain, so I keep an open mind," he said.

"I'm not saying I've seen flying saucers, however many of us have seen what we can't yet explain.

"A copy of the photograph was forwarded to the Australian Space Academy, to NASA and to the Weather Bureau.