Ethics, sustainability and colour

Maya Brett shows off some of her colourful work.
Maya Brett shows off some of her colourful work.

ETHICAL and sustainable fashion is the driving force behind designer Maya Brett's line of vintage clothing.

Mrs Brett, who has newly opened Razzama Dazzle, a bright and colourful vintage clothing store in Balingup, likes bright colours and a theatrical look.

Her passion for vintage clothing began at the early age of 15, when she started seeking out old printed floral textiles and fun colourful fashion from the 50's ,60's and 70's.

"I was inspired by some of my happiest moments as a child with my Grandma Ruv'e. She would dress stylish every day, regardless if she was going out or not. Ruv'e  loved to sing classic old songs with a beautiful voice and dance when looking after me. I miss her heaps and think of her often when playing Eartha Kitt or many other old classic songs in my shop," she said.

Mrs Brett believes clothing should be made to last.

“Clothing has evolved around fast fashion, which is very destructive towards the planet,” she said.

She wants to promote slow fashion, clothing that is made to be loved and made to last.

An ethics page on her website gives tips for taking care of clothes in an eco-friendly way and explains the ethos behind slow fashion.

“It’s not so much whether the fabric is biodegradable as how much goes in landfill,” Mrs Brett said.

“I believe in purchasing a garment for $100, loving it and making it last.”

Mrs Brett uses Australian made fabrics and natural fibres wherever she can, and sometimes upcycles from second hand garments as well.

“You can mix second hand with new to create your own style,” she said.

Her sustainability efforts extend to Razzama Dazzle’s shop fittings, which are also re-used and upcycled.

“In the past three years there’s been a real change in the movement of consciousness towards the planet,” she said.

“There are little things we can all do.”

Razzama Dazzle can be found on South Western Highway in Balingup, or at Mrs Brett also offers clothing alterations for locals.