Shire of Manjimup elects Paul Omodei as new president

Shire of Manjimup’s Paul Omodei has been elected president after Councillor Wade DeCampo stood down at a council meeting last week. 

March 2’s ordinary council meeting saw councillors nominate and elect Cr Omodei as Shire President – a role which he will remain in until the Local Government Elections take place in October.

Cr DeCampo, who held the position of Shire President since 2005, has remained on council representing the West Ward (formerly the ward of Pemberton) and said his time in the top job had been challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. 

"The most difficult test has been striking a balance between representing the whole region as president, whilst still aiming to get the best possible outcomes for the town which I am most passionate about," Cr DeCampo said. 

"Despite this, I believe I've represented the Shire and the town of Pemberton equally, and to my fullest.

"There is no doubt that Cr Omodei is going to do the region proud as Shire President. 

“He has the support of a wonderful team behind him, not to mention a strong and faithful community.”