When it all gets too much, get out the floating picnic table

Calm, turquoise water. An esky full of beer. And a few mates.

If you need a break from the sturm and drang of the WA election take a moment to appreciate the ingenuity of the Dunno Engineering crew who recently took their famous floating picnic table to Collie's Stockton Lake.

The group made the table mostly from scrap parts they acquired legally from building site skip bins, and have been spotted all around Perth and the South West taking it for spins - even taking part in a raft up at Moore River after Australia Day last year.

Stockton Lake is an old open cut mine filled with water to make an artificial lake surrounded by idyllic bushland and recreation areas.

The friends combine their love of partying and watersports. Photo: @lukebakerphoto

The friends combine their love of partying and watersports. Photo: @lukebakerphoto

Ever keen to enjoy their motorised floating picnic table, Trent Rule and his friends came down from Perth to spend a weekend on the water.

Mr Rule said the picnic table is legally registered as a pontoon and can carry eight people.  

"We saw on the internet one that was made in America and we knocked it together in a couple of days," he said. 

"It sort of started a craze, they are popping up everywhere around Perth, there was a regatta in Moore River a couple of weeks ago. I am pretty sure ours was the original."

Photographer Luke Baker managed to capture the scene from above using a drone.