SWFL president Barry Tate unveils plans for 2018 season

The South West Football League in 2018 will provide a chance for players across the region to prove themselves and reach new heights, according to the competition’s president. 

SWFL president Barry Tate has outlined the board’s plan for 2018 to be the league’s most prosperous year yet. 

The SWFL board, aiming to have ten viable clubs for “the next 100 years”, has planned to improve communication with all clubs to help them maintain finances and skill levels.

Tate also confirmed the league has begun negotiations with the City of Bunbury regarding the future redevelopment of Hands Oval. 

“The oval was done five to seven years ago, we need to have this facility upgraded and the City of Bunbury is very keen to come on-board with ideas and so there’ll be plenty of interaction between us and them in the next 12 months,” he said.

The president was thrilled about the increase in women’s league teams from six to eight this year, with Eaton and Collie coming on-board. 

“The clubs have worked out the financial model for having women as part of our league and we’re the only league outside of the metropolitan area to have a women’s competition,” he said.

Tate also revealed the board has broken new ground in promoting the Junior and Landmark competitions. 

The board has also begun putting together a book on the league’s history and development, with the project being led by Former SWFL vice president Darren Kenny. 

Tate said he was impressed by the overall quality of each side and the introduction of the women’s league in 2017.

“I go around throughout the year and meet different people and different characters, so I quite enjoy being part of the SWFL and my goal is to always improve it,” he said. 

Tate renewed his position as SWFL president at last month’s annual general meeting. 

Last year’s competitions saw The Bunbury Bulldogs’ League, Colts and Women’s squads collect their respective SWFL premiership titles. 

South Bunbury Tigers brought the Reserves’ premiership trophy home to Hands Oval. 

Head to the SWFL’s website for more information on the 2018 season, previous seasons and team statistics.