Donnybrook Football Club hosts 1998 premiership side's reunion

The Donnybrook Football Club has honoured the players and coaching staff involved in the team's 1998 premiership victory.

Those involved in the achievement came together at VC Mitchell Park on May 26 to reflect upon warm memories. 

The group also watched as Donnybrook’s 2018 league side overcame a strong Bunbury Bulldogs line-up, 10.6.66 to 7.7.49, at home in round six.

Donnybrook Football Club social director Paige Pavy said the event celebrated the club’s ‘Golden Era’.

“It brings the town together because we all rode the wave with them,” she said.

“The town was abuzz every week and the club was always packed at the time, so it’s important to celebrate that and bring everyone back together.

“My childhood was at that footy club and it was just the place to be at that time.”

The 1998 team kicked off a premiership hat-trick, with Donnybrook then going on to lift the trophy in 1999 and 2000.

Donnybrook reached every league grand final between 1997 and 2001. 

Donnybrook 1998 and 1999 league premiership coach Darian Cheffers said the Golden Era was a special time for the region. 

He said the players and coaches brought a “positive attitude” and “a lot of effort” to every game.

“Donnybrook had one premiership prior to that time and that was in 1977, so the club was a bit starved for success,” he said.

“We were able to have a significant amount of success year after year for that period. 

“That era was a highlight of my football career and one of the highlights of my life, so it means a lot.”  

Cheffers said he and the club forged many life-long, significant friendships during the Golden Era. 

The club has planned for a Golden Era spectacular in 2019.

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