Horoscopes: week beginning June 10, 2018

ARIES: Memories of early to mid December are stimulated by developing events in the two months surrounding July 11: financial or educational opportunities are about to flower. Additionally, the potential for long distance travel is accentuated. It is likely that you have been anticipating and planning these events since last December.

TAURUS: December 6-17, 2017 it signalled excellent possibilities associated with money, partnerships or a cause for celebration. All of this is set to unfold in the coming two months. The associations you form will bring positive influences into your life, and you will work well with these people. Personal relationships, such as marriage, bring happiness into your life.

GEMINI: Work and health related issues you anticipated last December will eventuate in the two months surrounding July 11. Such events will bring happiness. You can expect better working conditions and more amicable relationships with co-workers, and recognition for your work. A promotion is in order for some. Your health improves under these conditions.

CANCER: In the two months from June 15, Cancerian natives will be celebrating many successes, especially since these have been hard-earned. You may take a well-earned break or choose to capitalise on immediate opportunities. An interstate or international trip is on the cards. This is one of the luckiest periods for Cancer in twelve years.

LEO: Early to mid December 2017 heralded the events which are set to take place during June and July. These relate to prosperity and happiness within the home: nothing to be feared, but plenty to celebrate. Many will be renovating, refurbishing, or extending the home and no expenses will be spared. Some of you will buy property or move to a new location that gives you more room.

VIRGO: Good news is likely on a number of fronts, especially where property and relationships are concerned. The expansive recesses of your mind are also being extensively explored during the two months from June 15. A number of plans are coming to fruition rapidly: high at the top of the list is a new car or communication device.

LIBRA: The financial potential evident during early to mid December is set to be realised during the two months surrounding July 11. You can attribute success to your personal efforts. This period is likely to bring ample work opportunities, employment, and a good income. Your wealth can easily expand during this period so long as you don’t lash out on luxuries or extras, as you will be inclined to do.

SCORPIO: When you reflect back on life, it will be hard to find something that beats the delightful, successful and prosperous trends operating in your life over the next two months. Financially you are doing better during this time and will be lucky when it comes to work. Enveloped by a greater sense of freedom that you’ve felt in a while, Scorpio is a happy little creature.

SAGITTARIUS: Early to mid December brought a strong desire to escape life, and these will once again be stimulated during the two months from June 15. These seem impossible to resist now. You can find the time now to successfully engage in and manage all those neglected areas of your life. This break will also do wonders for your health.

CAPRICORN: Something towards which you have been privately working since early to mid December 2017 is set to regain importance during June and July. Although there may be some flaws to these plans, review processes and endeavours to get a broad overview of the state of affairs will assist you in detecting problems and achieving your goals.

AQUARIUS: June and July are fantastic months for Aquarian success, especially in the spheres of career and financial gain. You’ve been waiting for this opportunity since early to mid December 2017. You can expect to earn very good money from your endeavours in business and professional roles, or in governmental positions. A rise in status is indicated.

PISCES: December 6-17, 2017 were rich in promise concerning career possibilities, travel, education and legalities. This positive potential is realised during the next two months, starting June 15, 2018. Many Pisceans will be furthering their education in association with their career or will be travelling long distances in association with work. These are very successful conditions.

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