Horoscopes: Week beginning July 1

ARIES: Whilst your finances are in a healthy state during July 4-6, use this opportunity to negotiate loans, deal with banking issues, wills, refunds, insurance and superannuation. Discussions or arrangements around Aries’ personal plans are a source of irritation during July 5, 6. Work related objectives also run into problems then.

TAURUS: Partnerships thrive under the stellar trends of July 4-6, especially in a financial sense. This is an excellent time to secure credit or a loan, especially in connection with a property. However, there's likely to be conflict over income related matters or money during July 5, 6, most probably with someone in authority such as a boss or official.

GEMINI: There’s an abundance of work around you at the moment, with July 4-6 being exceptionally good days. If you’re looking to improve your health, take steps towards this goal then. Communications involving legal documents, education or travel are of considerable importance to you during Thursday and Friday, perhaps explaining why there's a tendency to get hot under the collar.

CANCER: July 4-6 are very lucky days for Cancer, as romance, pleasure or sheer luck provides you with moments to remember. It’s likely that a good job opportunity comes your way then. You are likely to be keyed up over financial planning or ethical issues during Thursday and Friday. Hidden problems emerge and discussions become heated.

LEO: Your home is a lovely place to be these days, if for nothing more than the atmosphere: but then, there’s a lot more going on as benefits are also found in luxury or the expansion of the home itself. Issues connected to your partner and his or her plans are at the forefront of your mind during Thursday and Friday. Matters needing to be handled tactfully.

VIRGO: You’re full of bright ideas these days, perhaps encouraged by the positive family atmosphere that surrounds you. July 4-6 is full of good conversation and chances to get out there and wander. Work related issues will increase the pressure on you during July 5, 6. It is important to allow a degree of flexibility in schedules and discussions if you wish to avoid dramas.

LIBRA: During July 4-6 the tinkling of coins in your purse will remind you of just how well off you are at the moment, and suggest you really want to get out there and spend. Arrangements concerning children, recreational arrangements or travel could cause irritation during Thursday and Friday. It will be difficult to avoid disagreements.

SCORPIO: You are in a vibrant mood during July 4-6, bolstered by the pleasant interactions of daily life, the love of children, and the excitement of romance. Domestic arrangements and responsibilities can be the source of contention during July 5, 6 for Scorpio natives. Someone will be quick to anger.

SAGITTARIUS: You just want to escape from life during July 4-6, and it is likely that your wishes will be granted then: you’re spending a bit of money en route. It is important to be organised during July 5, 6 as your time is at a premium. Annoyances are likely to crop up in your personal life, adding to the pressure of events.

CAPRICORN: Your ambitions surge during July 4-6, and you also have the opportunity to enjoy the companionship of friendly people. Enjoy yourself but keep things in perspective. Details concerning your income or finances, perhaps with foreign connections or travel/legal arrangements, are uppermost on your mind during July 5, 6.

AQUARIUS: Someone seems to be working behind the scenes to help you during July 4-6. Your success rating soars as a result, bringing opportunities for the advancement of dreams and career. Being in the aggressive frame of mind you are during Thursday and Friday, it will be difficult to sidestep any arguments. You won't tolerate nonsense.

PISCES: The lure of distant places is so tantalising at the moment that you find it hard to resist. However, July 4-6 is also good for adventures in academics and legalities. Luck seems to have deserted you during Thursday and Friday. Family members and your partner tend to irritate you over the most trivial of things.

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