Garage Sale Trail: registrations are now open

Registrations are now open for households, schools, community groups and anyone else who is up for a weekend of environmentally friendly fun and neighbourhood-building.

Garage Sale Trail, an award-winning community and sustainability event, will be staged this year on Saturday and Sunday, October 20 and 21.

It is expected that the eighth annual Garage Sale Trail will be the biggest yet, with more than 400,000 people trading more than 2 million items at more than 15,000 garage sales.

Already about 150 local councils have joined the movement to encourage the re-use of goods that are still usable but no longer wanted by their original owner.

A recent Second Hand Economy Report by Gumtree found the average Australian household had $4200 worth of unwanted items in its possession. A staggering 50 per cent admitted to throwing their unwanted items away.

Garage Sale Trail presents the perfect opportunity to not only reuse goods, but to realise the responsibility we have for the waste we generate, said co-founder of the environmental and social campaign Darryl Nichols.

GREEN ROOTS: Garage Sale Trail founds Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols.

GREEN ROOTS: Garage Sale Trail founds Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols.

“Garage Sale Trail provides a way to meet your neighbours and participate in a grassroots community activity whilst decluttering, reducing waste by finding a home for preloved items, and raising money for yourself or local causes,” he said.

To register on the Garage Sale Trail or find your local participants, visit


Results from the 2017 Garage Sale Trail

  • $387 the amount earned by the average household participant
  • $840 the amount earned on average by group sales
  • 25% of sellers raised funds for a cause or charity
  • 50 the number of locals each participant met during the sale
  • 250kg the amount of stuff each garage sale managed to redistribute