WA police investigate quad bike death in Dingup

A seven-year-old child has died following an incident in Dingup, near Manjimup, earlier this month.

According to police, the boy was riding an all-terrain vehicle on private property around 1.51pm on Saturday, April 13.

The child was fatally injured after the quad bike rolled.

St John paramedics transported the boy to Warren Health Service, Manjimup, around 2.24pm, before he was pronounced dead.

Treating the death as non-suspicious, police are now preparing a report for the coroner.

The incident marked the third quad bike-related death in Western Australia within the past five months.

On Saturday, April 6, a farmer in Myrup, near Esperance, was fatally injured after coming off his quad bike.

In December last year, a 17-year-old boy was killed in a quad bike incident on farmland in the Great Southern.

WorkSafe WA released a safety alert following the incident on April 6, imploring all quad bike users to exercise caution.

The alert lists a range of possible contributing factors to incidents of this nature.

It calls for people to use alternative vehicles to travel around farms, to avoid rough/steep terrain, to ensure operators receive proper training, and to ensure all quad bikes are consistently maintained and serviced.

"Last weekend's incident is still being looked at, and no decision has been made yet as to whether WorkSafe will investigate it," a WorkSafe WA spokesperson told the Mail.

Safe Farms WA executive officer Maree Gooch also urged community members to remain vigilant.

"Safe Farms WA offers their sincere condolences to the families following the recent tragic accidents on WA farms in the past two weeks," she said.

"Use the appropriate vehicle for the task. All-terrain vehicles and quad bikes can be very unstable, depending on the terrain.

"Safe Farms WA reminds everyone that all-terrain vehicles and quad bikes should not be used by anyone under 16 years of age."

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