Illegal fishers pay the price

A group of Manjimup marroners have been given an expensive reminder that all fishing is prohibited in the Shannon River.

Nick Velios, 50, Donald Milentis, 55, and David Milentis, 53, were individually charged and found guilty this month of two offences for ignoring the closure to fishing at the Shannon River.

FISHY TALES: The in-season marron possession limit for open waters is 16 per person

FISHY TALES: The in-season marron possession limit for open waters is 16 per person

In 2007, the river was permanently closed to enable researchers and scientists to assess the impact of environmental factors on marron and other freshwater fish stocks.

The three men were found guilty of breaching the joint possession limit and taking marron in a closed area after they were observed exiting the Shannon river by Fisheries officers after travelling on quad bikes through four kilometres of scrub to access the river.

The men were stopped by officers on Sunday January 15 where they were found in possession of 48 cooked marron stored in an ice box, and an additional 10 marron tails hiding in one of the quad bike's tool boxes.

After being found guilty, the court ordered the men to pay fines and penalties totaling $5,030, as well as $23,640 for the recovery of court costs, which the men are jointly and severally liable to pay. Following the court outcome, the department's regional manager south, Russell Adams, said fisheries officers had achieved a significant result by keeping the men under surveillance to help establish the level of offending.

"Sustainability is the key to keeping recreational marron fishing opportunities viable for future generations."

People who see marron fishing activity out of season should report it to FishWatch.