OPINION | Have a go, surprise yourself

Have a go, surprise yourself

I made my own yogurt the other day. (I know, I'm awesome. Hold the applause.)

It was very easy and tasted better than the one I buy from the supermarket, so I plan to do it on the regular. I didn't need any special equipment and I didn't have to source anything other than three spoons of leftover Greek yogurt and some milk (unlike the time I tried to make kombucha - scobies are gross plus really hard to keep alive).

But what has really made me stop and think is this: why did I never try it before?

I've had friends who have done it and advised me to give it a go.

I was aware that Bedouin women in tents made of goat skin and Icelandic families in turf houses had figured out how to do it with not too much trouble throughout the ages.

But still I resisted. It's just so easy to outsource stuff like that. We trawl through the supermarket aisles loading our trolleys with things we could easily make at home, with not much time or effort, less waste and better results.

I catch myself tossing the strawberries that have gone soft, then turning around and purchasing strawberry jam. Hello?

Pickling, preserving, making your own and making do used to be what everyone did, so chances are it's probably not rocket science in most cases.

Tipping a vinegar mixture over your glut of summer radishes is the work of ten minutes. But the pickles will brighten salads and sandwiches for months.

So much of what we think we can and can't do is really just habit posing as limitations. A few minutes thought and we might be able to try something new and bring something better into our lives.

The kitchen might not be your happy place, but the same philosophy applies elsewhere. Mind you, I'll probably stick to my area of expertise - I'll only thread a needle under extreme sufferance and it turns out I can't change a tap washer (but at least I tried).

I'm not suggesting you tackle rewiring the house or baking bread every day. But have a go at something that won't mess with your timetable (or blow up your home). You could surprise yourself.


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