Build a boat from newspaper? Go on, give it a go

Just for kids: Engineering Bingo!

ACM, publisher of this website, is partnering with Children's University Australasia to bring you a series of weekly activity sheets. The activities are designed to be fun and offer interesting discoveries along the way. While some children are returning to school as lockdown restrictions ease, many will still be spending days at home. We hope these ideas will provide entertainment and opportunities for learning. For more activities and to follow the CUA network, go to

This week: Engineering Bingo

See how many of the challenges you can complete from the grid below. First up select what you want to build, then what material you will use. Cross out the squares as you go. Choose carefully, as you can't use the same square twice. To make it trickier, cut out all the squares and make two piles - one for the structure and one for the building material. Then randomly select a combination.



  • Make activities fun, avoid creating stress
  • Spend time doing the activities together, each task is achievable
  • Be guided by your child, let them lead the activity
  • There is no one way of doing a task, be creative, have fun