South West superintendent provides advice ahead of 2020 Leavers Week

Leavers warning

Leavers celebrations are about to start in the South West with the 2020 cohort descending upon our region having gone through a very different year to the previous Leavers.

This event has evolved so much over the years to a point where it is much safer for everyone, Leavers and communities alike with the effort put in by a range of agencies, services and community groups has been simply outstanding, it always is.

The usual harm minimisation strategies will be in place, including COVID-19 considerations, and what it all means, is parents can have a feeling of confidence their son or daughter have people looking out for them.

At the same time, the event is about minimising the impact on the communities and just as much work is done to ensure as little disruption as possible, just like any other events our region holds. With final preparations underway, the last bit required is for parents and care givers to reinforce a couple of things with their Leaver/s. Respect, for the community and for themselves. Look out for each other and if they need help at anytime there will be the police, Red Frogs and others ready and willing to assist them. The same goes for community members impacted by Leaver activities. If any issues arise, tell someone there and then, don't wait until the next day.

And before the nay-sayers have a crack, yes, we will be just as accommodating to those that do not listen and do not heed our advice. Choose your actions, choose your consequences, simple as that. To be honest, my greatest fear is the risk of road trauma. We have endured far too much of it this year and when you have a period of sudden influx of novice road users, it does give police and our emergency services brothers and sisters raised concern levels. Just like all our other strategies, much effort will be put in to keeping our roads safe.

On behalf of our community, I thank everyone who has been part of planning the 2020 Leavers and will be out and from November 23-26. You are appreciated.

This story Leavers warning first appeared on Busselton-Dunsborough Mail.