First Aid saves lives

HAVING people in the community who have up to date first aid skills makes all the difference. 

This was highlighted at the recent motor vehicle accident in Kulikup, near Boyup Brook, where quick thinking by a shire councillor and employee provided essential first aid.

They then contacted the emergency services and moved vehicles off the road to ensure the area was safe for the arrival of the ambulance, police and fire brigade. 

"On behalf of our officers, St John Ambulance Boyup Brook, I would like to sincerely thank those special community minded people in attendance at the recent MVA in Kulikup," ambulance officer Angela Hales said. 

"The situation highlighted the importance of first aid skills for people first on the scene at an accident, and the sheer resilience of everyone involved, which enabled them to pitch in and get the job done.

"We are truly a lucky community to have these individuals.

"What you do makes our job just that bit easier when we arrive.

"A great job also by our volunteer rescue services from Boyup and Kojonup, a pleasure to work with everyone."

Basic first aid skills including CPR can often make all the difference, especially with the vast distances across the shire that mean an ambulance may be at least 30 minutes away. 

Help support the local volunteers, and update your skills by nominating for a first aid course by contacting St John Ambulance Boyup Brook on Thursdays on 9765 2133.