What the Game of Thrones' season finale has in store

The Dragonpit. Photo: HBO
The Dragonpit. Photo: HBO

HBO has Game of Thrones fans reeling after season seven's penultimate episode, but it appears the stakes are about to get a lot higher.

The trailer for the highly-anticipated season finale shows key characters converging on King's Landing and meeting for the first time.

The sneak-preview shows Jon Snow urging Cersei Lannister to agree to an alliance to help fend of the legion of undead marching on the known world.

"There is only one war that matters," Snow tells Cersei. "And it is here."

Also on the cards is a frosty Lannister reunion, with Tyrion watching over the proceedings. The meeting's location - Dragonpit - is also significant.

In George RR Martin's novels, Dragonpit is where the Targaryens kept their dragons. However, it was mostly destroyed almost 200 years before Game of Thrones takes place.

Fans who are worried about Jon Snow's wellbeing should be: In the novels, there is a stash of wildfire hidden in the crypts beneath Dragonpit (although, it should be noted that this is the same wildfire that Tyrion uses in the books to win the Battle of Blackwater).

Another fan theory is that the season finale will lead viewers into thinking Cersei has a deadly trick up her sleeve, when in fact she is playing a much longer game. Indeed, it would be reckless to kill Jon, Tyrion, Theon and Missandei in one foul swoop with the Unsullied and Dothraki armies stationed just outside King's Landing.

As per its design, the trailer ultimately leaves viewers with more questions than answers. A shot of Sansa looking solemn at Winterfell doesn't hint at any possible resolution over her feud with Arya.

And will Theon redeem himself by rescuing Yara from King's Landing? Will the epic showdown between The Hound and the (now zombified) Mountain ever happen? And will Cersei even agree to help fight the army of undead marching south?

All will be answered when the final episode of Game of Thrones season seven airs on August 28.

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