Donnybrook Senior High School develops STEM projects in 2017

Donnybrook High School’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics projects delighted and tested students in 2017. 

One major project, from the motivation of Year 7 and 8 Science Supports teachers, Michelle Murray and Jonelle McLoughlin, involved students visiting the local rubbish tip managed by Nigel Tuia, of Hastie Waste.

They discussed and reviewed the types of waste taken to the tip and analysed the processes in place for some of the reuse of rubbish. 

From the observations and discussions after the excursion, the students were then exposed to the viewing of ‘war on waste’ to encourage critical thinking regarding their own rubbish disposal.

Students designed and developed their own interpretation of recycled art and constructed this with the support of parents, carers, extended family and teachers to present to the community in a celebration open day on November 10, 2017.

On the day, it was announced that two Donnybrook SHS Year 8 students, Benn Longbottom and Bianca Peachey, had won the Young Re-Inventors competition run by The Waste Authority Perth.

As a result of the students’ success, Donnybrook District High School will be provided with $1000 for a Sustainable Asset to be used in the school. 

Throughout 2017, Year 7 students were supported in their learning through a specific focus on Mathematics and English skills.

The students were mentored by a volunteer who encourages the students to engage with a number of skills to make progress.

This program has an emphasis on supporting the whole student’s academic, social and emotional development as part of the Student Services Health and Well Being Process at the Senior Campus.