South West fisher enjoy large marron catches

That's not a marron - these are marron... Photo: Ryan Bradley/Marron Matters
That's not a marron - these are marron... Photo: Ryan Bradley/Marron Matters

A WA fisher has pulled what he calls a "marronasaurus" out of a South West fishing spot during the species annual season.

According to Recfishwest's fact sheet marron can grow up to 38.5 centimetres and weigh up to 2.2 kilograms.

The specimen, caught by Ryan Bradley, stretches lengthways across a carton of Iron Jack beer - and he caught four of similar size all up.

Marron fishing is one of the most popular seasons in WA with 11,366 licenses issued in 2016 alone, and Harvey Dam and Wellington Dam and he most popular spots.

Recfishwest estimates that in 2015 fishers caught 70,000 marron, though research showed more than 100,000 could have been sustainably taken.

To ensure marron numbers stay healthy, the peak body is working with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to investigate stocking juvenile marron into WA's recreational dams.

"Staff at the Pemberton Freshwater Research Centre (PFRC) have begun a new captured Marron breeding program," the group said.

"If the captured Marron breeding program is successful, a trial stocking program is planned which will see thousands of tiny "craylings" (juvenile Marron) released into Harvey Dam, a popular recreational Marron fishing location, only one and half hours South of Perth."

Hopefully some of them grow to the size Ryan caught...

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