Horoscopes: week beginning March 25, 2018

ARIES: Your excitable and impulsive nature could render you vulnerable to financial loss during March 28-30. The aspects are very changeable and it is easy to lose something you’ve suddenly gained. Whilst you are on the road to establishing your credentials and achievement, there are sometimes setbacks. This is the case during March 28-31. Pick yourself up and dust off your knees.

TAURUS: Problems could disappear as quickly as they appear during March 28-30: it’s difficult to tell. It would probably be wise to exercise a degree of caution over any new matters. March 28-31 can be a challenging time in terms of expectations around travel, an educational matter, or legal interests. Generally, you are in a good position: just deal with it in a timely fashion.

GEMINI: Associations formed during March 28-30 are likely to be like a shooting star: short-lived but brilliant and unusual. Enjoy the moment. A quick financial gain is possible then. Financial impediments seem to cause concern for Gemini during March 28-31. Don’t let this ruffle your feathers too much. Be practical in your dealings and prepared for delays.

CANCER: You are very changeable where your life direction is concerned or in relationships with people in power. Ambitions are set to change, inducing a shift in career. Cancerian natives tend to feel a little isolated from important people in their life during March 28-31. Take a look at ways of minimising distance between yourself and another party.

LEO: The exciting potential of travel beckons during March 28-30: the adventure and romance of it all is particularly alluring. Short educational courses are also on offer for interested students. Work seems to be heavy going during March 28-31 and the best that you can hope for is simply to work to routine and not overtax your energies. To do otherwise can aggravate health issues.

VIRGO: Sudden fluctuations in finances are likely to benefit Virgos during March 28-30, either bringing in extra work or as a result of good fortune for yourself or your partner. There appear to be frustrations and delays around children, a recreational interest, or love relationship during March 28-31. It’s best to bide your time and deal pragmatically with such problems.

LIBRA: The excitement of romance injects enthusiasm into all that Libra does during March 28-30. These situations are not long lasting but certainly essential for the long haul. Extra burdens around the home tend to rest on Libran shoulders during March 28-31. You tend to grow in strength through such experiences, so don’t let these issues bother you.

SCORPIO: You crave excitement but need stability where work is concerned: March 28-30 catalyses the excitement but undermines stability. You’ll need to be flexible and keep on your toes. Scorpio can easily be caught in a mental rut during March 28-31, if they allow themselves. However, you are made of sterner stuff, so any setbacks are temporary.

SAGITTARIUS: March 28-30 is an exciting time as variations to your routines inject life into your love life, involvement with your children, or interesting variations to your recreational interests. Sagittarian natives need to exercise a degree of care in their financial dealings during March 28-31 in order to avoid loss. Ensure goods are of satisfactory quality before buying.

CAPRICORN: The unsteady, volatile influences centred on your domestic situation seem to flare during March 28-30: despite this, beneficial results follow on from these events. Capricorn people tend to be a bit withdrawn during March 28-31, needing to take stock of their lives momentarily. All’s good though: you’re resilient and stalwart.

AQUARIUS: You live in interesting times for life is far from boring. March 28-30 activate this current long-term potential in your chart, bringing unexpected news and variation to routine. March 28-31 brings obstacles into the path of Aquarius, perhaps causing a spot of bother. These issues tend to be hidden from the world, and you’ll get past them.

PISCES: March 28-30 promote a desire for financial independence and may well bring the opportunity to become so. However, fluctuations in your financial situation may not necessarily be helpful. Don’t expect too much in terms of achievement during March 28-31 unless you take delight in obstacle courses. Delays are all part of life anyway and won’t hold you back for long.

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