2019 Truffle Kerfuffle | Foodies dig deep into the Southern Forests

Foodies and truffle traders from around the globe made their way deep into the Southern Forests on the weekend for this year's Winning Appliance and Asko Truffle Kerfuffle.

Now in its ninth year, the three-day event attracted celebrity chefs such as Pete Evans and Poh and South-West favourites Tony Howell, Paul Iskov and Aaron Carr.

Fonty's Pool was the backdrop for this year's Festival Village where truffle lovers could try, buy and chat to Southern Forests' producers.

Cape Lodge chef Tony Howell MC'd the main stage with cooking demonstrations from Evans, Poh, Anna Gare, Carr, Amy Hamilton and Nic Wood.

Satellite events were held around the Southern Forests region with acclaimed chefs hosting special dining experiences championing the hero of the moment - truffles.

Manjimup is the heart of Australia's truffle country, producing around 12 tonnes or approximately 80 per cent of black truffle production in the Southern Hemisphere.

The black truffle is prized for its rarity and beguiling aroma, as Manjimup is the largest producer in the Southern Hemisphere it has secured the region on the culinary world map.

Rich Karri loam soil, plentiful rain, and a cool climate is what makes the black truffles grow on the roots of oak and hazelnut trees.

While roots are inoculated, it can take years to see a first yield.

Hunted with highly trained dogs; they can sniff out whether a truffle is under-ripe, ripe or rotten.

The price of truffles vary, but consumers could expect pay around $3 per gram.