Employers of emergency services volunteers recognised in annual VERA awards

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

Employers of emergency services volunteers in Manjimup and Donnybrook have been rewarded and celebrated this month in the 2019 Volunteer Employer Recognition Awards.

Kanny's Earthmoving of Manjimup and Donnybrook Farm Services both received a gold VERA in the annual awards for playing a vital role in keeping the community safe by supporting the State's emergency services.

Kanny's Earthmoving, a local family run business, received their award for allowing employee Josh Kanny to use their work vehicle to attend incidents.

"Basically, if there's an incident nearby and I'm available I'm allowed to shoot off and help out," Mr Kanny said.

"Being a family business, those family values are important and helping out is one of those.

"I think volunteering for local emergency services is important, you help your community and experience some really great things while helping.

"I would encourage anyone to volunteer and any employer to help their employees volunteer."

While also volunteering for the local Manjimup Fire and Emergency Services, Mr Kanny also supported New South Wales as he travelled to the other side of the country to help fight the recent bushfires plaguing the state.

As well as allowing their works foreman to use company vehicles to attend incidents, the earthmoving works company also provides workplace equipment and tools for brigade vehicle maintenance and continue to pay Mr Kanny while he attended training.

Kanny's Earthmoving and Donnybrook Farm Services were just two of the 79 employers and self employed volunteers from across the state to receive awards that reflected their sacrifices and donations.

Emergency Services Minister Francis Logan thanked the employers and volunteers for all the work they did for the community.

"It cannot be an easy task to have an employee away from work, but these employers recognise how important volunteering is to community safety and that disasters can strike at anytime," he said.

"The contributions made by WA employers who support volunteers help keep our communities safe, and their commitment is a great example to others.

"A big thank you also to those self employed volunteers who close their doors at a moment's notice to help others as well as donating equipment and resources."