Prepare the home for every summer to come with insulation

Insulation will help every single summer

As summers become hotter, and weather events become more unpredictable, Australians need to change the way they keep homes cool.

Installing insulation is one of the most valuable investments as it will keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter helping to save money on energy bills.

Insulation creates a barrier that resists the transfer of heat energy coming in and out of the home through the floor, walls and ceiling, known as the "R-value."

The higher the "R-value" the more effective the insulation. Earthwool insulation is also sustainable made using up to 80 per cent recycled glass, providing inherent thermal, acoustic and fire performance. Importantly, the insulation is made with ECOSE Technology, which is a renewable, bio-based binding material with no added formaldehyde or petro-based chemicals.

Keeping the home cool is the most important benefit of insulation. A council initiative in Birdsville, Queensland, where summer temperatures regularly soar to 40 degrees, put Earthwool insulation to the test. The following year the average participating homes in Birdsville saved more than 20 per cent on energy bills and were less reliant on cooling appliances.

While installing insulation is often undertaken by professionals, the super soft, low-itch qualities of Earthwool make it a suitable product for capable DIYers. Earthwool Ceiling insulation can be a good place to start, coming in a range of R-values to suit different energy requirements. It's available in pre-cut rectangles at either 430mm or 580mm widths to suit most ceiling joist centres.

Knauf Insulation technical product manager, Guy Manthel, offers the following advice:

  • Prepare by watching the Earthwool DIY video and reading the installation instructions on the Earthwool website. These resources explain what's involved, what tools are needed and runs through some important safety advice.
  • Measure up the ceiling area taking note of where the light fixtures and other electrical wiring is located. The total amount of insulation can then be determined using the Earthwool product calculator.
  • Installing insulation can be tiring so try to work with another person and maintain contact throughout the assessment and installation process. Ensure you're wearing the appropriate clothing and safety equipment, including eye protection and gloves.
  • Install the insulation during the coolest part of the day to combat heat exhaustion and stay hydrated.
  • Turn electricity off before installing.

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